Of course it is.

The DS has taken years to gain its reputation as a heavyweight console for RPG fans, but the 3DS may quicker out of the blocks, with Eternal Eden one of the first announced entries in the genre.

A translation of an independent PC game developed using RPG Maker VX, the story revolves around three children who live in a garden paradise with only one caveat: they must not eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. Of course they choose to chow down and are promptly banished from the garden, before deciding to grind their way back to paradise throughout the course of the game.

The game's official description makes no secret of its influences, stating:

Travel in 2 parallel worlds like in Zelda: a Link to the Past!

As the original was distributed via the Internet we're hopeful this points to a downloadable release for 3DS using the rumoured 3DSWare digital distribution platform, and we hope to have more information on that front very soon indeed.

[source aussie-nintendo.com]