Don't leave the TARDIS without it

Every fan of Doctor Who (or, simply, The Doctor) knows that he'd have a lot more trouble fighting Cybermen and Daleks without his trusty Sonic Screwdriver. It seems that no matter what the problem is, it can be solved by him pointing the device at it and acting like he's concentrating really hard as the Time Lord tool shines a light and makes a noise. Voila! Machine fixed, non-wooden door unlocked – and now, Nintendo Wii or DS manipulated.

Even if the upcoming release of Doctor Who: Return to Earth for the Wii and of Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for the DS are as lifeless as Gallifrey (the Doctor's home planet which was destroyed in the Time War), you can bet that this amazing Sonic Screwdriver-themed Wii Remote and DS stylus will still be as cool as bow ties and fezzes. They'll be zooming to store shelves courtesy of Koch Media – presumably only to the U.K., other parts of Europe and Australia, however, as those are the only territories so far scheduled to receive the upcoming titles.

You can pick up yours before London is destroyed this Christmas.