Like bowties and time travel? Then you should be excited to hear that the hit BBC programme Doctor Who is zooming to the DS and Wii with Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for the former and Doctor Who: Return to Earth for the latter, both set for release in the coming months from Asylum Entertainment.

The program stars The Doctor, a 907 year old Time Lord who, with his companion, winds up in different spots of trouble across time and space in a ship that resembles a 1950s style police box. Every so often he regenerates, his old body transforming into a new one; the two games will star the eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith. We don't know much more than what we can glean from the cover art – in other words, he'll face Cybermen on the Wii and Daleks on the DS.

The bad news? There are no plans for a release outside of the U.K., other parts of Europe and Australia. American fans, we're sorry... we're so, so sorry.