If Barney Gumble advertised Evony

The DS keeps providing shelter for all kind of miscreants: Angry Birds was recently announced for a DS release, and now Popcap's similarly world-dominating strategy title Plants vs. Zombies is getting ready to infect the console next year.

Plants vs. Zombies is tower defence done differently: there are no towers, for a start. The trailer below makes more sense, though be warned: it contains a zombie bobsled team.

Unlike many iPhone to DS conversions, Plants vs. Zombies is taking the retail route, arriving in stores in January 2011. for around $20. Considering the title costs around $2 in the App Store, it's hard to see this as a good deal for Nintendo owners: such a title would be perfect for DSiWare, so a 1,000% price increase for the DS version is hard to stomach, even with the promise of exclusive content.

Still, zombie bobsled team.

[source pocketgamer.co.uk]