Ian Curran, THQ's Global Publishing Executive Vice President, is a fan of the 3DS: this we know from his previous discussion about its anti-piracy measures. The company is supporting the machine with plenty of content, from de Blob to Saints Row 3D, but it's not leaving the current consoles behind. Far from it, with Mr Curran teasing a big title on the way for Wii later this year in an interview with website CVG.

There's something else that we're going to reveal later on in the year that wasn't at E3 as well, which is just very, very innovative. There's very few people who know about it at the moment. It's not another Kinect thing - it's to do with the Wii. People are talking about Kinect and Move at the moment, understandably - but if we'd have had this at E3, people would have been talking about this as a significant step forward for the Wii as well. Maybe Gamescom for that one...

Although there's no hint of what this mystery title may be, with Gamescom just under a month away it may not be long until we discover whether it's a major leap for the machine.

[source computerandvideogames.com]