You might be happy now, pirate, but just you wait

Nintendo's suffered badly at the hands of piracy this generation, although it's done its best to stem the flow with a series of court cases and lawsuits. With its next-generation 3DS handheld the company's keen to combat the problem still further, employing more preventative technology than before; technology so powerful it's apparently too sophisticated to explain.

That's what Nintendo told THQ's executive Vice President of Global Publishing (we promise we don't invent these job titles) Ian Curran, who seems happy that the 3DS will do more to combat the problem that prevented his company from producing more titles on the DS family.

The problem with the DS market in the last few years, particularly with the DS Lite, is that it's just been attacked by piracy. It's made it almost impossible to shift any significant volume. The DSi combated it a little bit, but the 3DS has taken that a step further. I actually asked Nintendo to explain the technology and they said it's very difficult to do so because it's so sophisticated.

Whether that's the real reason the company couldn't explain the measures, or that they thought better of giving the opposition a long headstart is entirely down to interpretation, of course.