Note to Traveller's Tales - Lego James Bond would be amazing

We all remember the tank level from the original GoldenEye: the feeling of destructive power at your fingertips was brilliantly realised, and with the recently-announced GoldenEye for Wii on the way Activision is looking to revive this classic level in a big fashion.

In a recent interview with the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine, Activision's Tim Coupe describes the tank level as "epic to say the least," before going on to describe the level of destructible scenery in the game:

There's helicopter combat throughout the levels and trucks with varying levels of destructibility, and our environments are also built for destruction. Your cover degrades as it gets shot, forcing the player to move around and not simply camp out in one spot.

Sounds like some veterans from the original title may have to change their multiplayer game plan to fit in with this new "no-camping" style, and with the studio promising more iconic sequences and classic Bond music to feature in the game this one sounds as though it could turn out nicely. It's certainly one to keep your (golden) eye on over the coming months.