Cutesy Victini. Discuss it over video chat.

A few weeks ago we brought you news that video chat could be coming to Pokémon Black & White for DSi and 3DS owners. Now the feature's been confirmed, with its television debut on the Pokémon Sunday show, and it seems you can even draw on your friends' faces using the touchscreen for some on-the-fly facial graffiti.

With four-player video chat over WiFi as well as local wireless included for 3DS and DSi owners, Pokémon fans with non-camera machines might be feeling a bit put-out, so here's a picture of Victini, the newest legendary Pokémon, to soothe the pain. A Phantom Pokémon, it occupies number 000 in the Isshu Pokédex and will be made available by downloading a Liberty Ticket between September 18th and October 18th, for those of you planning to import this one from Japan.

Here's the video chat in action, with a skilfully edited four minute gap where the yellow DSi LL's camera function stopped working.