Relieved mother and industrious son reunited

Next time you're in a potentially life-threatening situation you might want to make sure you have a handheld console nearby.

A quick-thinking Australian schoolchild - credited only as "Christopher" - found a use for his DS that didn't involve training pocket monsters or defeating Bowser; when his family's car overturned after an attempt to avoid hitting a kangaroo (just in case you forgot this is a story from Down Under), he used the light from the famous dual screens to locate his mother's mobile phone in the darkness and so that she could call for help.

His mother Kathleen was trapped in the vehicle and was naturally pleased as punch with her heir's actions, branding him a hero - which is a viewpoint few people will consider arguing with. In fact the youngster - who we hear plays a mean game of Mario Kart DS - has rightly been nominated for a Community Hero Award.

So there you have it - Nintendo's products are unquestionably a force for good in this crazy world. FACT.