Any change?

Most of the released images of the 3DS so far have come with a "not final form" caveat, but it seems you can start to ignore that now, as Nintendo hardware honcho Hideki Konno has stated you can take those images as the final shape, making the confirmation in a brief but wide-ranging interview with Wired magazine: In 2004, when the first DS was first shown at E3, we saw an exterior form factor that wasn’t final. Will the look of the 3DS be changed before its release?

Konno: You can take this as the final shape.

Konno also spoke about the Tag Mode feature that will allow multiple games to search for information simultaneously, with a dedicated viewer to let gamers see which games have received extra content. He dodged the question of naming 3DSWare as the system's downloadable games library, but did acknowledge that the machine would have a service "like WiiWare and DSiWare."

Of course, if this is the final shape for 3DS that confirms there will be no second analogue slider added to the machine to accommodate left-handed gamers, a fact that will disappoint southpaws everywhere.