If you don't want the time, don't do the crime
Image: Pixabay / Pexels

Don't mess with Nintendo.

British resident Yun Can Meng clearly didn't get the memo when he was busy importing approximately 26,500 R4 cards, as GamesPolitics reports that Meng has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for pleading guilty to the charge. Meng was sentenced in Hull Crown Court.

R4 cards can be used to illegally download and play DS titles. They can also be used for some homebrew development but are largely considered illegal.

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association Director General Michael Ralinson, whose company played a part in nabbing Meng, offered high fives of justice all around after the sentence.

Our crime unit is pleased with the outcome of this trial and pleased to see the Court of Appeal’s copyright judgement is being robustly enforced. Intellectual property (IP) theft is an important issue for the country’s videogames industry - as is protecting it.

Score one for the gaming industry.

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