Well played, son

It's always professional of rival companies to give credit where it's due, but it's even more respectable when it seems genuine. It seems that Nintendo's first steps into the 3D gaming world have garnered positive comments from a Microsoft big-cheese.

Speaking to the Nikkei TRENDYnet website, Takashi Sensui, General Manager of the Xbox division at Microsoft Japan, had some encouraging words when speaking of the upcoming Nintendo handheld, codenamed 3DS. When asked about the system, his reply was:

I think it is an extremely good experiment. 3D games are suited for the play environment of portable machines. It’s relatively easy to realize a 3D environment space because the viewpoint and screen distance are nearly fixed.

If it seems like Microsoft is missing out on the 3D party, gamers should know that the Xbox 360 is in fact '3D-ready'. When asked about the company's stance on 3D games, Sensui stated that:

We’re watching the situation, the Xbox 360 itself already supports 3D games, so preparations are made...

You might be sick of hearing it, but we're not sick of saying it. Bring on E3 2010!

[source siliconera.com]