You can't see the "D" because you're not wearing glasses

Nintendo and Sony are two companies at the forefront of 3D gaming, with the former tackling the handheld market, and the latter focusing on the home console demographic. With 3D televisions already under Sony's belt, it's understandable that it wants to focus on hardware that will compliment its new sets.

Kaz Hirai, President at Sony Computer Entertainment, has recently shared his thoughts on the application of the 3D technology on handheld consoles without the use of glasses. Speaking to the Japanese business website Sankei Biz, Hirai commented on the technology:

A portable with naked eye 3D does not have high precision, according to internal research...Presently, there are limits.

Although the quote isn't specifically targeting the 3DS, it was made before the Sony president saw the 3DS on show at the E3 event last week. Was the sight of long queues enough of a turn-off for Hirai? Or did curiosity get the better of him?