A Rabbid, yesterday

The new Rabbids title was announced at E3, and now Ubisoft has unleashed a further set of details about Raving Rabbids Travel in Time.

After a brief spell spent in the world of 3D adventures in Rabbids Go Home, the white monsters are now back in minigame territory as they explore the fabric of space in a washing machine. As well as promising the usual range of new minigames, the game will also support MotionPlus and offer online play for the first time in the series, both of which form very welcome additions to the Rabbids formula.

With the online play, the ability to link your game profile with your Facebook page and promise of more "wacky" Rabbids adventures this should be another enjoyable outing for the creepy critters. Stay tuned for more information on this one as its release date of November 11th gets ever closer.


The Rabbids® change the course of history with a brand new party game

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA – June 29, 2010 – Today Ubisoft reveals further details on the next Rabbids game, Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, which was announced at E3, in Los Angeles, California. After invading the moon last year in an epic adventure game, the Rabbids are back with the party-game genre in an exciting game of multiplayer competition. This time the crazy, loveable Rabbids travel back in time in a washing machine and wreak havoc in the past, as they mess up historical events. The Rabbids have achieved worldwide recognition, with 8 million videogames sold and hundreds of hilarious videos that have had consumers laughing for years. Developed by the Ubisoft Paris studio, Raving Rabbids Travel in Time is scheduled for release on the WiiTM system on November 11, 2010.

Game Features:
-Universal, popular game theme: Players will plunge into the past and revisit the greatest moments of history with the discovery of fire, the broken nose of the Sphinx or the first step on the moon. Players will uncover how the Rabbids wreaked havoc on the past and will decide if the course of history needs to be changed.

-Variety of gameplay: Gamers will be able to play over 20 different games with 5 different rich and deep gameplay types from flying to bouncing. For the first time in a Wii party-game, games will be playable either online or split-screen with up to 4 players. Several games will also offer improved accuracy as they utilize the Wii MotionPlusTM accessory for enhanced precision and control.

-A never-ending fun: The fun begins even before the game starts, within the main menu, an interactive Museum which contains mini-games featuring Rabbids dancing and singing. The museum also offers over 30 customized Rabbids characters from an Egyptian to a Cowboy and a Pirate so users can be whatever character they choose.

-Social gaming and competition: Not only will players be able to compete with their friends in a unique online multiplayer mode, but they will also have the opportunity to share and compare their scores and trophies with the entire Rabbids community. Players can also link their game profile to their Facebook profile.