Whilst we have a pretty good handle on Nintendo's download front these days, sometimes a company throws a curveball from so far out of left field it stuns even us, and it doesn't get much crazier than a massage game from the publisher of mobile pseudo-erotic title Emmanuelle Erotic Massages.

Titled Enjoy Your Massage, the game's ESRB rating describes it in the most glowing terms:

This is a massage simulation game in which players match patterns in order to perform back massages on clients. Players are prompted to rub specific areas of clients' backs in order to relax them.

After massages are performed correctly, players are presented with images of the female clients in various poses (e.g., lounging on a beach in a bikini, playing golf while wearing a short skirt and a cleavage-bearing top, or straddling a motorcycle). Players can also move the camera and zoom in on the reward pictures.

Hey, it can't be any worse than Sexy Poker, right? We'll bring you the first potentially-but-probably-not-very sexy screenshots of this one as soon as they arrive.

[source tinycartridge.com]