First off we'd like to convey how much we appreciate all of the questions you guys have posted and I've tried to answer as many as possible. We've got more hands-on impressions of games played on the E3 show floor coming up, so due to a need to get those wrapped up, this will likely be the last round of questions answered for the time being.

So without further ado, here goes nothing...

How is the art style for the new Zelda? Would you say it's a compromise between Windwaker and Twillight Princess? (Luigi-La-Bouncy) - I would say that's an accurate comparison. It still features the more adult looking Link used in such games as Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, but the game has a very colorful, almost storybook quality to its visuals. It's actually an extremely impressive visual experience and gives the game a fresh look that fits in perfectly with the game's revamped play controls.

What do you think of Sonic Colors so far, in comparison to Sonic 4? (KnucklesSonic8) - While I wasn't terribly impressed with the Wii version of Sonic Colors due to the sometimes confusing level layouts and loose play controls, the DS version of the game was extremely well done and fun. That being said, Sonic 4 was very impressive and not only had a classic Mega Drive-era feel to it, but enough new gameplay mechanics to give it a more modern feel. So Sonic 4 wins the battle between Sonic Colors DS and Sonic 4 for WiiWare.

Were you pleased that DKCR is returning to Donkey Kong's roots, or would you have rather had a 3D adventure game?(KnucklesSonic8) - I think the Donkey Kong Country Returns game is perfect just the way it is. I absolutely would not rather have it be a 3D title at all.

Out of everything you've tried, what disappointed you the most or was the least exciting? (KnucklesSonic8) - That would probably have to be Sonic Colors on Wii. I had kept hoping that these new Sonic Colors titles would jump start the Sonic franchise again and breath new life into the series, and after enjoying the DS version so much, I assumed the Wii version would be equally impressive. Sadly, this was not the case.

Is the 3D on the Nintendo 3DS only in depth or do some things pop out of the screen? (Belgicario) - For the most part you'll notice the perception of depth going into the screen, but occasionally you'll see things flying out at you. I guess it depends on the effect the developer is looking for. Most of the scenery in the games and demos tended to show the depth into the screen whereas objects flying towards you would usually give off that perception of flying out of the screen and in your direction.

How do Kirby and DK control? I hate using the Wii sideways and won't be buying Metroid Other M. (rjejr) - While I'm not sure if you can use any other control methods, I personally loved the Wii Remote on its side for Kirby's Epic Yarn. As for Donkey Kong Country Returns, it was played using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, so no worries with that one.

Have you played any of the announced 3DS games (Star Fox, Mario Kart, etc.), and if so, can you tell us about them? (pixelman) - I got the chance to demo playable versions of Starfox and Pilotwings Resort and both were top notch. Both made fantastic use of the 3D effect and played equally well. Most of the other 3DS games were only demos that had minimal player interaction at this point.

What does one do for sustenance within the hallowed halls of awesomeness? (Machu) -To be honest with you I ate a lot of Gummi Bears and drank lots of bottled water. Of course that might explain why my fingers kept sticking to the various controllers I was using on the E3 floor and the booth reps having to wipe them down after I finished using them.

Do you think the 3DS design shown at E3 will be final? (Sylverstone) - I do believe it will be close to final. I don't see a lot of changes to the actual hardware now that they've shown the unit at E3.

Is Sonic Colors fun on the DS? (moomoo) - Yes it was. Had a very cool Sonic Rush feel to it and the visuals in the game are amazing. This DS version is hands down the definitive version of this game and the obvious choice for those who have both a Wii console and DS system.

Do you think wearing regular glasses will mess up the 3D effects? (hatty475) -I didn't have any trouble whatsoever and given how this auto-stereoscopic technology works, I don't see wearing glasses being a problem at all.

What's your favourite Wii game that you've played so far at E3? (In your impressions you said it wasn't Zelda so I'm curious to know what you preferred) (Luigi-La-Bouncy) - I'd have to say Kirby Epic Yarn. I don't think there was another game on the show floor that I went back to as many times as I did with it. Just a beautiful and really playable game that should not only please longtime fans of the Kirby series but should also bring in a whole new audience once it hits store shelves this holiday season.

If you move your head from side to side, does it seem like you can look around objects? (toddr) -Not really, in fact if you tilt off to the side of the screen too much, it can make things a bit blurry sometimes. Definitely a system you'll want to keep right directly in front of you for the most part.

How is the 3DS analog stick like? (WhoKnew) - It's actually very comfortable and responsive. It also has a nice loose feel to it that makes moving it around quite easy to execute. Overall I was very impressed with the analog slider on the 3DS and hope they pretty much leave it "as is" on the final unit.

Corbie, how did Ocarina of Time look in 3D? Worth getting for those of us who want to play OoT a second time? (GloomShroom) -It looked wonderful and definitely made me want to play the game all over again, despite beating the game again just a couple of months ago.

Is there anything that wasn't at E3 that you were hoping was? (Metroid133) - The only game I thought I'd see and then didn't get the opportunity was the Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded title from Square-Enix. I still remember the disappointment when the booth rep told me they wouldn't be showing it at this year's E3 show. (Of course getting a crack at Birth by Sleep on PSP did make me feel a little better)

What did you come out of E3 thinking? (SpaghettiToastBook) - I should have had my head examined for trying to cover this show by myself. But all kidding aside, it was a lot of fun and I hope to get to go back next year and do it all over again, only with James by my side next time.

What was the Co-op in Kirby's Epic Yarn like? Was it like having a helper in Kirby Super Star Ultra or something more sophisticated? Did Nintendo show the 3DS stylus and did they say if it had a rumble feature? (Anotheralex_x) - It was a very playable and fun game. The co-op feels somewhat similar to that of Kirby Super Star and offered up a nice change of pace from the standard single-player experience. As for the 3DS stylus and rumble feature, those are two things I didn't see anything about. I don't recall once seeing the 3DS stylus and no rumble feature was mentioned or made use of on any of the 3DS demos I played, and I played them all.

On the 3DS, are both screens in 3D or just the top screen? (Shadx) - Only the top screen of the 3DS is 3D capable.

Of all the games, features, consoles, and interviews, what was your favourite part of E3? (SpriteKing) - Playing Ivy the Kiwi and interviewing Yuji Naka would probably be my personal favorite part of the entire show. It was a nice way to end the final day of E3 for me.

How many models did you make out with? (PhoenixFarron) - Just one - my beautiful wife when I got home this afternoon.