Who would have thought a rubbish dump would be full of exclamation marks?

This year's E3 event saw Capcom unveiling some anticipated titles, as well as revealing some new and unexpected ones. A game that has grabbed our attention is the ghostly puzzle game known as Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for the DS and the company has recently released the third episode video, along with a gameplay trailer.

Not a lot more has been revealed since we last reported on this mystery adventure game, except that there will be multiple ways in which players can solve the crimes, which should go some way in adding replay value.

In the latest episode, we see the arrival of a mysterious man at the scene of the crime. Who is this strange yet slightly groovy character? Developed by a team led by Shu Takumi, director of the Ace Attorney series, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective can be seen in action below:

Episode 03 Video

Gameplay Trailer

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective is scheduled for release this Winter.