Everyone knows you use the bottle to get past this puzzle

You may remember when Capcom announced that its DS-exclusive puzzle game; Ghost Trick Phantom Detective was in development, its description was attention-grabbing. Since then, game details have slowly been released and the screenshots have undoubtedly marked this game as one to look out for.

If you're after something a bit more than still images, you're in luck as Capcom has released another gameplay video for us all to inspect.

From the director of the Ace Attorney series, Shu Takumi, comes a mystery puzzle game that begins with the death of Sissel, and as a ghost with an unfortunate case of amnesia, players must use his powers to protect the living in conjunction with the search for answers behind his untimely death. Abilities include the possession and manipulation of objects, and players must use these powers to visit various characters, four minutes prior to their meeting with the Grim Reaper, in an attempt to change their fate. Game features include:

  • Manipulate the physical world through supernatural possession – take control of inanimate objects and change the world!
  • Change the fates of those around you – return to the four minutes before a character’s death to stop it from happening
  • Text adventure combined with logic puzzles makes for an exciting new challenge on the Nintendo DS
  • Over a dozen engaging chapters filled with entertaining, interrelated puzzles
  • Unique visual style and character designs

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective is due for release later this Winter, stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Episode 01 Video

Episode 02 Video