Despite pretty much universal acclaim for the first Super Mario Galaxy, it wasn't the biggest-selling game in the Wii's library, its sales eclipsed very early on by New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Clearly Nintendo thinks the upcoming sequel will shift more units, as stories have appeared on the Internet today regarding a pack-in bundle.

Containing everything in your standard Wii as well as a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2, the mention was swiftly taken down from the original article over at MCV – though tellingly the original URL still works – but not before being picked up on by sites including VG247. File this one as a strong rumour for now.

Two other bits of Galaxy 2 news to whet your appetites: widely-respected UK magazine Edge has given the game a top 10/10 rating, making it the twelfth game in the magazine's history to receive the top score.

Slightly less exciting is the news that GameStation is offering a money tin to all customers who preorder the title, not unlike the tin offered with last year's New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Our lucky North American readers can finally explore the game's wonders on May 23rd, whilst Europeans gnash their teeth enviously until June 11th.

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