Eight games in one, believe it or not!

There's plenty to pick from this time. You can either go with one of Kirby's best outings or a new Art Style game on the Wii, or Picross and God of War knock-offs on DSiWare. The choice is yours!


Art Style: Penta Tentacles (600pts - Nintendo) – Nintendo of Europe decides to mix things up a little by not releasing the Art Style title North America recently got, but instead the other title which was announced to be upcoming, known elsewhere as Rotozoa. The concept of this title should be familiar to most people - You're a small organism who has to feed on even smaller ones in order to grow bigger. A slight twist is given here in that you're not actually eating things, but rather adding to your multitude of differently coloured tentacles. You'll have to spin around and make sure that you touch all objects with the tentacle of the same colour. We'll review this soon, but we're pretty sure we can expect the usual Art Style brilliance!

Lead the Meerkats (1000pts - Lapland Studio) – It's been moderately hyped for a while, but now it's finally here. A strategy title starring meerkats, you'll have to try and survive in the African Savannah by digging tunnels, collecting food, increasing the size of your group, fighting enemies and more. It seems like it could offer quite a bit of value, let's hope it does!

Voodoo Dice (1000pts - Ubisoft) – A puzzle game starring a bunch of dice. It seems quite complicated - It requires you to move and turn around dice, with specific numbers having to be on top at times in order to achieve things. This one seems like it'll be perfect for hardcore puzzle game fanatics, we'll see if that's true soon.

Virtual Console

Kirby's Fun Pak (800pts SNES - Nintendo) – Easily one of the best Kirby games ever made, it's actually a compilation of several smaller, mostly original titles. More well known under its North American title of Kirby Super Star, it very recently got a DS remake, which is practically superior in every single way, but if you want to see what the original was like, well, here's your chance! Our Kirby Super Star review should inform you exactly why this game is so awesome.


Hero of Sparta (800pts - Gameloft) – The only DSiWare title priced at 800 this week, this looks somewhat like a miniature version of Sony's God of War franchise - You run around through a bunch of 3D levels as you beat up countless foes and a bunch of bosses, with the theme being based around Greek mythology. Expect a review soon.

Animal Color Cross (500pts - Little Worlds Studio) – Picross with all solutions being animals, pretty much. This is actually part of a retail game released in Europe 2 years ago titled Colour Cross, but as it's just 500 DSi Points it really might not be too bad a deal, after all, it's the only Picross game available on DSiWare!

Bloons (500pts - Hands-On Mobile) – A DSiWare version of the recently released WiiWare game, with a few notable improvements. Clearly not enough, though, because we still thought it was fairly uninteresting! Check out our Bloons review to see why.

Flips: The Magic Faraway Tree (500pts - Electronic Arts) – EA had a good thing going by pricing their last Flips title at 200 DSi Points and actually having it include more stories than any of the previous entries, but they're back to their greedy ways this time, because this one costs the usual 500 points. It's still probably a decent buy for young kids, but if you're still buying them at this point, it might just be wiser to seek out the retail versions! We'll review it soon.

Just Sing! National Anthems (200pts - DTP Entertainment) – You just knew there had to be another one sometime, and here it is! Unlike the Christmas version, there's a more generous five songs to sing available here - The national anthems of the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy, clearly so you can get ready for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Obviously, the on-screen lyrics are in their corresponding languages - So you might have a bit of trouble with pronunciation if you don't speak anything other than English.

Despite the Virtual Console being accounted for this week (And with a great game to boot), Nintendo of Europe still apparently deemed it unnecessary to issue a press release in advance. Oh well!