More partying around the world

After the Golden Week break it looks like Nintendo is mostly offering up titles that we've already seen elsewhere around the world.


Sekai no Omoshiro Party Game 2 (500pts - Sims Co., ltd.) – The sequel to last month's Fun World Party Game offering five new games in five new countries: bullfighting in Spain, ziggurat climbing in Mexico, building cleaning in New York, fishing in Canada and something with astronauts in space.

Nyxquest (900pts - Agatsuma Entertainment) – It's been a long wait for this beautiful platform game to come to Japan, but the 100-Point discount should ease any bad feelings. We think it's one of WiiWare's must-buy titles; read our Nyxquest review to find out why.

Puyō to Asobō (500pts - Agatsuma Entertainment) – The second European-developed title published by Agatsuma in Japan this week will be more readily recognised elsewhere by the name Learning with the Pooyoos: Episode 1. Japan already has a number of educational WiiWare titles aimed at the younger set, so it makes sense to publish Pooyoos there as well. If you missed this title when it was released in Europe and North America and want to know what we thought of it, feel free to read our Learning with the Pooyoos: Episode 1 review.

Virtual Console

Super Aoki Ōkami to Shiroki Meshika: Genchō Hishi (800pts - Koei) – Known in North America as Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Grey Wolf where it's been available for nearly a year, this is sure to be popular with the strategy gaming crowd. Read our Genghis Khan II review to learn more!


Miami ★ Nights: Celebrities Hen (800pts - Gameloft) – Gameloft's premium-priced life sim game comes to Japan. We weren't too impressed; a quick read of our Miami Nights: Life in the Spotlight review should tell you why.