NHL Slapshot

In a move that's caused someone, somewhere to curse why they didn't think of it first, the next NHL Slapshot game is coming to Wii complete with a very fetching mini hockey stick peripheral, as modelled by Wayne Gretsky and family here.

As EA's first foray into Wii ice hockey you'd expect it to take on the more arcadey vibe of the company's other sporting titles on the system, but from the first details it sounds like it might cram in a surprising amount of detail, with a wide range of moves and an intriguing career mode that takes you from all the promise of a 12-year old to a grizzled and toothless 40-year old pro.

Then there's that stick, of course. Although it's not required, the game's lead producer Joe Nickolls reckon it actually makes the control more accurate:

Because you’re getting two signals sent to the Wii, it triangulates the signal. So it basically gives you more accuracy.

So much accuracy, in fact, that MotionPlus isn't supported as it's "not needed." EA is due to make the first official announcement today, though it seems most of the cat is out of the bag already. There's still plenty we'd like to hear confirmed, including online multiplayer for starters, but until we get that information we'll leave you with the words of Mr Wayne Gretsky:

EA always makes a great game. I’ve had a chance to play it, and it’s one of the more realistic games I’ve seen in a long time. For me, my kids love to play and they enjoy it immensely.

[source blogs.canoe.ca]