Mmmm... resonance

It's been well-documented that the development of Super Mario Galaxy 2 posed a few tricky decisions for the team: starting out as Super Mario Galaxy 1.5, the role of the story was much-discussed inside Nintendo, with different team members arguing for more or less story. All this led Shigeru Miyamoto to a realisation: he prefers games that resonate rather than ones with overt stories.

Speaking to Satoru Iwata in the latest Iwata Asks, Mr Miyamoto says he's more interested in making characters that ring true with players around the world:

Whether or not the game world resonates with you as you're playing the game is what's most important. For example, when you watch a big-budget movie, you may be amazed by all the pyrotechnics, but at the same time, something isn't quite striking home with you.

Presumably this is one of the reasons why many of Miyamoto's lead characters have remained near-mute over the years, to avoid them speaking a line that would jar with gamers' image of their heroes.

The translated article contains plenty of other interesting discussion that should help tide US gamers over until the game's launch tomorrow morning.