What a cheerful chappy

It seems that flying games for Wii are going to hit us pretty thick and fast in the coming months, with Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 just announced and now the decidedly more kid-friendly Kid Adventures: Sky Captain heading to Wii this Summer.

Doesn't the titular Capitan look pretty happy in his plane? That's because he's in:

An action flight game designed for both children and families that enables players to soar across the skies in 40 exciting missions that include sky racing, stunt flying, target shooting, treasure hunting and unlocking flying machines such as a jet plane and UFO.

According to the official press release from D3Publisher, anyway. Not only that, players are also able to take on pirate ships and dinosaurs – yes, in the same game. What could be better? Well, probably the price: $19.95.

Although the cynics among us fully expect this to drop like a stone when released this Summer, those of you with kids who dream of becoming pilots may want to keep their eyes on this one.