This could have surely gained first place

World Records authority Guinness doesn't just spend countless hours meticulously assessing record attempts, it also recently invited gamers from around the world to submit votes for their favourite video game series of all time before meticulously counting them and publishing the top 50.

In a result likely to cause widespread comment explosion on Nintendo sites such as ours, the game series voted the best was Microsoft's Halo, followed up by the seemingly ubiquitous Call of Duty franchise. The highest rated Nintendo-exclusive series was The Legend of Zelda, followed by Super Mario Bros. in sixth place and fraternal fighter Super Smash Bros. nestled nicely at number nine.

The previous year's poll focused on franchises as well as individual games, seeing Super NES classic Super Mario Kart hit the top spot just above Tetris and no Call of Duty game even present in the top ten. How times change.