Tackling that with a friend would have been sweet

Intriguing concepts on WiiWare are ten-a-penny – or, in US dollars, a dime-a-dozen – but the idea of setting a platformer entirely underwater is a new one on us, and new comparisons to classic Nintendo platform-shooter Metroid pretty much earmark Dive: The Medes Islands Secret as one to watch out for.

Speaking to Nintendo World Report, Cosmonaut Games' general manager José A. Giacomelli said:

Metroid is faster than Dive, but I can assure you that the comparison between them could be very right. Both games have a lot of characteristics in common, but many different ones, too. However, Dive is not an exploring game, but a platformer-inspired game with the typical ingredients of enemies, weapons, challenges, levels, mazes, checkpoints and objectives.

All that is sounding rather nice, and it sounds as though the game won't lack for content. In fact, according to Mr Giacomelli, there's so much crammed into the 40MB limit that some proposed multiplayer features had to be left out:

We had a few ideas for an online game and to generate online records as well, but the scenery's size, the soundtrack, animations and the number of enemies restricted us from realizing all of our ideas. Anyway, it was not a suitable game to play online so we ruled out this option.

It's a shame when content has to be removed but judging by the sounds of it, there's going to be plenty in there to keep solo divers occupied. We'll find out when Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is released in the near future.

[source nintendoworldreport.com]