It's educational

We knew a North American Club Nintendo update was imminent, but we figured it'd be a small bump in available wares. Instead, Nintendo went and dropped a bunch of other stuff too to vie for your spare change.

In case you thought your bathroom wall could use more Mario (and really, whose can't?), you can now plaster it with three Mario posters for 350 coins. These depict Mario's evolution, a nice group shot of the Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants and another one of Mario being, well, Mario. Mario Mario Mario.

On the costly end is Game & Watch Collection 2 at 800 coins, featuring a mammoth three games: straight out of 1981 is Octopus and Parachute, and then there's Parachute X Octopus, a brand new mash-up of the two and undoubtedly the best mathematical equation we've seen in a while. Although considering you can grab three Game & Watch games on DSiWare for 200 points a pop, the 800-coin price seems a little steep. Then again, you can't fix a wobbly table with a download.

If coins are tight, or if you're cheap, then the culinary WiiWare title Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! for a measly 80 coins, the most inexpensive reward currently available. We'll have a review of that one up sometime soon in case you don't want to take the plunge first yourself, but we have on good authority that the menu music is stellar 1960's spy pop, so there's always that.

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