A marker by any other name...

Japan's release schedule this year has calmed quite a bit from the dozen-plus release weeks seen last year, but even so next week is more akin to some of the droughts seen in Europe and North America in the past with only three downloads across both Wii and DSi next week; two of which are catch-up titles.


Rakugaki ☆ Hero (800pts - Marvelous Entertainment) – Renamed "Scribble Hero" for Japan, this is of course Max and the Magic Marker (sporting a 200 Point discount). We certainly think it deserves to be a member of the World Game Parade – read our review to see why!

Virtual Console

Darius Twin (800pts Super Famicom - Taito) – Darius' giant mecha-fish boss blasting comes to the Super Famicom. Easier than Darius II thanks to a more forgiving power-up system that lets players regain power-ups after death and featuring pretty much the same structure as Darius II with half the levels, there's not really much of a draw if you already have the excellent Super Darius II for the PC Engine CD which is on the Virtual Console for the same price.


Dōbutsuen o Tsukurū (800pts - Gameloft) – Known as Zoo Frenzy elsewhere, Build a Zoo is all about, well, building a zoo! Read our Zoo Frenzy review to find out why we thought it was worth a purchase.