3D gaming is on the cusp of being cool again after some of the remarkable damage done to its reputation by Nintendo's less-than stellar Virtual Boy machine.

The onset of eyestrain and headaches did the machine no favours, but if you've picked one up and fancy playing it on a more comfortable surface, such as your prize gaming TV, your time has come. That'll be $50,000 please.

Yes, one eBay entrepreneur is auctioning off a conversion kit to allow Virtual Boy games to be displayed on a TV, negating the need for that clunky headset. Apparently the kit is one of only a few known to exist, having been used internally by Nintendo during the console's lifespan, so it's certainly a nice addition to the collection, even if it comes at such a high cost.

We covered the Virtual Boy's development in a recent Making Of article, and although most of its gaming legacy is hardly world-class, it still piques the curiosity of Nintendo collectors all over the world, many of whom will now be checking down the back of the sofa for every available scrap of spare change.

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