No currency conversion required

If you've done any game downloading on your Wii or DSi then odds are you've wound up spending more up front than what your game cost thanks to Nintendo's own Point currency. If you're not a fan of having spare points rattling around in your account, or perhaps just prefer having honest-to-goodness real money prices on your games, then Nintendo's latest experiment may pique your wallet's interest.

U.S. and Canadian customers are now able to purchase select WiiWare and Virtual Console games through Nintendo's online store. Once purchased, you will receive a download ticket code to redeem in the Shop channel.

And by select, we mean select, as each service has a mere single game available to start with. Super Mario Bros. 3 is available for $5 USD and Pokemon Rumble is going for $15 USD, both equivalent to their Wii Shop channel price. If you haven't picked up Mario 3 yet (for shame!) then now is as good a time as any.

This is the second instance that downloadable games have been made available outside of a Nintendo Shop channel, with the first occurring last year when Amazon put download codes for World of Goo up for sale.