The man with the plan

Nintendo representatives don't usually pay much attention to any smack talk that might come from their competitors, but in a recent interview with Kotaku, the President at Nintendo of America seems to have been doing a bit of trash talking himself! With the Playstation Move and Project Natal just over the horizon, what are Nintendo's views on the future of the Wii, and Sony and Microsoft's respective new directions?

Reiterating what he said in a recent interview with Forbes, Fils-Aime asserts that Nintendo aren't looking to replace the Wii with a successor yet. Even when the time does come, simply having a "Wii HD" is not going to be enough for the next generation in home consoles. Although no time-frame was given as to when we can expect this successor, Nintendo will know when it's time when developers like Shigeru Miyamoto and Satou Iwata have an idea that they can't fully express on the Wii. Clearly, Nintendo still feels that there's plenty more juice left in the old girl.

For us high definition by itself is not the next frontier... For us we need to provide a whole new compelling experience in our next generation.

With innovation cited as a "hallmark of Nintendo", the company will continue to tap into the mainstream market in order to get more and more consumers into the past-time that they previously had no interest in. Whatever the next console will be capable of technically, it will be in line with what the Wii and the DS offered us in terms of something new.

Speaking of the direction that competitors Sony and Microsoft have taken and are beginning to take, Fils-Aime had some choice words to describe his thoughts on their efforts.

I think we would have been embarrassed to do what our competitors are currently doing...

So with the next home console a while away, what's left with the Wii? Will we just see innovative games, or will there be more additional hardware peripherals to make the Wii even more versatile than it already is?