He's back... again!

There's quite a lot to downloads to pick from this week. The Virtual Console makes yet another return after being nowhere in sight the past two weeks, while Capcom has released not one, but two new "retro" games at once. Also finally available in Europe is the third installment in the Bit.Trip series, along with several other games!

To most, the biggest release of the week will be Mega Man 10. The previous game proved to be one of the best games in the "classic" Mega Man series, and this one is no slouch either. Once again sporting a vintage 8-bit look, complete with a perfectly accurate NES-style soundtrack and accompanying sound effects, it's yet another fantastic nostalgia trip for retro fans - Despite being completely new. It costs 1000 Wii Points.

It took a while, but Bit.Trip Void, the third game in the Bit.Trip series, has finally made it over here. Once again accompanied by a complete change of premise, this time, you take control of a large black void, as you freely move around the screen to catch black beats, growing in size and scoring points as you do so. But don't get too greedy - Get too big and you'll have trouble dodging everything else, which means you'll have to grab white dots at the right times to shrink in size and continue scoring. Once again a complete overhaul in gameplay (As this time you actually have free control over something), we thought it easily stood up to the previous two entries in the series. It costs 600 Wii Points, just like the other two.

It's been two weeks, and the Virtual Console once again only gets one, lonely new game this time. It's Zaxxon, Sega's isometric shoot 'em up, which was decently popular and received ports to several systems. Thankfully, this is the original, and arguably best version - The arcade one! It's not really great by today's standards, but is still somewhat enjoyable. We'll have a full review soon. It only costs 500 Wii Points.

Capcom's other new "retro" game this week is Dark Void Zero for DSiWare, another NES-style action game, meant to provide some backstory to the recent PC/PS3/360 game, Dark Void. Surprise, surprise - Zero actually managed to be more popular with critics than the game it accompanied. We don't have a review of Dark Void, for obvious reasons, but Zero is easily one of the best games on DSiWare, and you would make a wise choice in picking it up as fast as possible. It costs 500 DSi Points.

Also on DSiWare now is Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon, which is, of course, a pinball game. But don't lose interest just yet - It's by the creators of Metroid Prime Pinball, which was really quite good. This one isn't on the same level, but it's nonetheless quite enjoyable, and also DSiWare's only pinball game. It costs 500 DSi Points.

Globulos Party is a collection of 20 mini-games, starring various colourful characters. All games feature the same general "gimmick" - You give your characters instructions on where to move, as your opponent does the same. Then you hit a "Go" button, after which all moves will instantly be carried out simultaneously. The game's been out in North America since last Monday, so we should have a review any day now! It costs 500 DSi Points.

The last two DSiWare games are pretty much guaranteed to be very similar to their predecessors. Flips: The Bubonic Builders is another digital book for the young'uns, from the same retail game the previous one was from. It costs 500 DSi Points again. Real Football 2010 is, of course, the follow-up to Real Football 2009, and should once again be a football/soccer title of near-retail quality. it's the only DSiWare game this week that costs more than 500 points, because it's 800. Every European country except the UK and Ireland has also gotten New English Training: Learn with Tempo - Advanced Edition, an English learning tool for those who lack the language skills. It costs 800 DSi Points.

That's all this week! Will you be sampling any of Capcom's simultaneously new and old offerings?