If you were among the unlucky people who purchased Last Ninja 3 on Virtual Console, you were no doubt quite annoyed that the game would, without fail, freeze after the first level, making any further progress impossible. Nintendo recently announced they would be removing the game from the Wii Shop, and have since done so.

Commodore Gaming is now sending out apologetic emails, confirming that this bug is unfixable (So don't expect the game to ever make a return) and asking for some details to give you your points back. If you send them these details, you will receive a 500 Wii Points code to enter in the Wii Shop within ten days. This is the email you can expect, if you got the game:

Dear Customer,

Despite the best effort of the Commodore Gaming development team, the crash in Last Ninja 3 occurring at the end of Level 1 could not be resolved due to a technical problem. Unfortunately this game uses Commodore 64 hardware specific features that can not be emulated by our software.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused by the defective software. We will reimburse the 500 Wii Points you spent to purchase the game.

In order to do so, we would kindly like to ask you to provide the following information:

1. Your Wii serial number
You can find it on the bottom of the console, marked as “Serial No:”. The serial number begins with the letter L and ends with a number in a square.

2. Your contact email address

Please send this information by email to wii@commodoregaming.com.

You will receive reimbursement in form of a Wii Points code within ten business days. Please note that, based on your Wii serial number, your purchase of the game will be verified before reimbursement.

It took long enough, but at least now you can buy something else instead!