Too bad, so sad

Bringing an end to a long-standing issue with the download release of the Commodore 64's Last Ninja 3, Nintendo has pulled the game from the European Virtual Console. A bug present since release was never fixed by Commodore Gaming, and those who have purchased the game will be receiving a refund.

Nintendo Life had raised the issue with Commodore Gaming when the title was released in December 2008 and was assured a patch would be made available soon. Needless to say, that never happened.

One of our very own community members, Betagam7, has kept up the fight ever since. After badgering customer service reps since the broken game was released, Betagam took it a step up and reported Nintendo to the UK's Trading Standards Institute. Today Betagam received the following email from Nintendo Customer Service:

Dear Betagam7

I apologise for emailing you directly, but we have today received confirmation that “Last Ninja 3” will be removed from the European Virtual Console service. Any consumers that have purchased this title will have the Nintendo Points value refunded to their account. Once again, thank you for providing information regarding this title.

Kind regards,

Jackson Davies
Customer Service Team Leader
Your Nintendo Team

Score one for being heard!

The bug in question appears after completing the first stage, after which the screen would freeze blue and prevent players from advancing.