Time for some more vampire slaying!

A handful of new import titles were recently given ratings by the OFLC, leading many to believe that Europe and Australia would be on their way to the fifth Hanabi Festival, and thus another nice batch of import Virtual Console games.

Nintendo of Europe has now practically confirmed that this will be happening soon, as they've added four import titles to their VC game list, all marked with a "coming soon" tag. It looks like a 50-50 split this time – two of the titles aren't really good, but the other two will easily be among the best imports available.

The four imports which should be coming soon are:

  • Castlevania: Rondo of Blood – Turbografx CD. Never released outside Japan until quite recently, this could very well be the most requested import yet.
  • Ironclad – Neo Geo. The very first Neo Geo import, it's an awesome shoot 'em up with great graphics and music.
  • Lode Runner – NES. One of the oldest versions of the game available. Battle Lode Runner has been available for ages and is better, so don't bother with this one!
  • Milon's Secret Castle – NES. DoReMi Fantasy's predecessor, which is pretty much completely based around trial and error gameplay. Not very good!

So, who's willing to place bets on when these will be released? Perhaps this week? Maybe not until next month?

[source nintendo.co.uk]