Rock out with your rocket

Since nothing is more metal than some shirtless machismo dudes shooting aliens and robots in the face with big guns, it's with much delight but little surprise to see the Contra 4 soundtrack get the metal total conversion it deserves.

The remix album is directed by Andreas "SnappleMan" Kotsamanidis with Tony "Prince of Darkness" Dickinson as assistant director, with songs performed by a diverse range of talent, including Danimal Cannon of Armcannon and Metroid Metal; George E. Nowik, the voice actor for the male characters of the game; and Ubisoft Quebec City audio designer Christian Pacaud, among many others.

Two sample tracks, Balls of Steel and Brickwaller, are available from the Rocked 'n' Loaded site to whet your appetite for destruction the rest of the album. Here's the full tracklist:

1. Hell's Orifice (Intro) - SnappleMan, norg
2. Jungle Exploder (Jungle Normal) - SnappleMan
3. Shrapnel Facial (Lab/Waterfall) - SnappleMan, Prince of Darkness
4. BRICKWALLER (Base/Base Boss) - Prince of Darkness
5. Slave FREIGHTER (Harbor) - BrainCells
6. Bass Fishing (Ocean) - SnappleMan, Prince of Darkness, BrainCells, norg
7. Metropolis Massacre (Neo City) - Prince of Darkness, Travis Moberg
8. Balls of Steel (Factory) - norg
9. Dey Callim Boss (Menu, Boss Approaches, Waterfall Boss, Waterfall Boss Chase) - SnappleMan, Norrin Radd, Prince of Darkness
10. Let's Attack Aggressively! (Alien Hive/Heart Battle) - Danimal Cannon, Chris Dlugosz
11. Flesh Harvest (Harvest Yard/Last Boss) - Christian Pacaud, MAG
12. GET TO THE CHOPPA (Jungle Hard) - Danimal Cannon, Prince of Darkness, Travis Moberg
13. B.E.I.G.L. (End Credits) - virt