The good news is that our friends down under don't have to wait too much longer for the DSi XL, however they're going to have to pay more than any other region.

Currently you can pick-up a DSi XL in the US for $189.99 ( ~£125), in the UK for as low as £139.71 and Europeans for around €166 ( ~£149) but the Australian price puts the machine at around £183 – almost 50% more than the US price.

Oh well, might as well wait for that 3DS thing they're already talking about.

Nintendo announces the price point for the newest member of the Nintendo DS® family. Nintendo DSi™ XL will be available in stores from 15 April for only AU$299.95 (~NZ$385.95)!

With the largest screens in the Nintendo DS family, Nintendo DSi XL comes in two stylish colours: Burgundy and Bronze. Nintendo DSi XL is not just about its wider viewing angle, it also comes with bonus pre-installed software too!