"Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?"

How many accessories would you like with your copy of Monster Hunter 3, Europe? On its launch in April you'll be able to pick it up in one of three tasty varieties: the vanilla game solo, with the sweet-looking Classic Controller Pro (also confirmed for the US) or in the full-on sensory overload of the Classic Controller Pro and Wii Speak pack. Hunting online is about to get very noisy indeed.

With the series' renowned popularity on the PSP console, it makes sense to add some form of communication element: teamwork is a huge part of Monster Hunter's appeal, so being able to chat freely whilst carving the bones of dead animals is certainly a welcome addition. Split-screen offline play is also confirmed, bolstering the game's multiplayer capabilities to near unheard-of levels for Wii. Couple that with the strongly-rumoured free online play and it looks like Capcom could have a huge hardcore hit on its hands in April.

Read through every word of Nintendo's official press release and a brand new trailer might just appear at the bottom.

Wii owners will get to taste the game that has become a phenomenon in Japan, when Monster Hunter Tri roars into life across Europe in April 2010. And you’ll be able to hunt effectively as a pack, as the game will be fully Wii Speak compatible!

The franchise, which has inspired an entire sub-culture in Japan will take bold new steps with the launch of Monster Hunter Tri, offering some exciting new features! A deep story led single-player mode allows players to immerse themselves into the world of Monster Hunter Tri, during which players will learn the skills required to be a successful hunter. The game will feature more new monsters and new environments, including underwater levels and marine-based monsters, than ever before. There is also the introduction of new weapons such as the powerful Switch Axe to master throughout this unique and exhilarating world.

The list of things to entice gamers is monstrous. Monster Hunter Tri’s beautiful landscapes make this one of the most impressive-looking games on the system. An open-ended, quest-based storyline with multiple routes to progression offers the potential for 100’s of hours in repeat gameplay.

If you prefer to share the action with your friends, the multiplayer gameplay options will offer an additional level of excitement! Two player, split screen co-operative mode lets you enter the arena to take on a series of monsters with fellow hunters. Alternatively, team up with your friends using online multiplayer and take part in epic battles with enormous, intelligent monsters.

And thanks to the game’s use of Wii Speak, the microphone-based accessory that allows Wii users to speak to their friends over the internet, hunters will be able to share their knowledge of monsters’ weaknesses, discuss hunting strategy in real time, and even cry for help when needed or celebrate after a victorious battle. The game can be played with Wii Remote and Nunchuk and is also compatible with the Classic Controller Pro putting the action right into your hands.

Monster Hunter Tri is no ordinary action game. The developer, Capcom, has created an entire living and breathing ecosystem, where monsters interact authentically and naturally with each other, their environment – and you. Your battles with the fearsome creatures you face will be challenging, tactical and you will learn to pick them wisely, respecting the creatures and seeking to defeat them only in order to gain vital items for your quest.

Every monster in the game behaves uniquely, based on meticulous research of real world creatures. Like real creatures, their stamina will lessen if they fight. If their strength is depleted, their movements will become slower and they will need to begin to prowl to find food for energy. Packs of smaller monsters will attack larger monsters and are part of a food-chain system where the strong feed on the weak – and you have the privilege of witnessing it first hand or joining in.

You assume the role of an up-and-coming hunter in a land where humans and monsters co-exist. At the beginning of the game certain features of your hunter are customisable such as hair and clothing, and as you progress through the game you will be able to change armour and weapons, using items collected from slain monsters by carving off horns, scales fur, hide and bones. To achieve glory, you must accomplish various quests to collect items and supplies. These are vital to maintaining your village and to support your community which is in danger of destruction. Successfully completing each quest will also see you rewarded with items that can be used to improve your equipment and take on tougher challenges – many of which will see you interact with the majestic creatures that share your world.

Monster Hunter Tri will be available at launch to buy as game only and two separate special bundles: one containing a black Classic Controller Pro and one which contains Wii Speak accessory and a black Classic Controller Pro The Classic Controller Pro’s more traditional control configuration will afford gamers the ultimate Monster Hunting experience. The Classic Controller Pro comes complete with a second row of shoulder buttons and ergonomically friendly grips. The Classic Controller Pro plugs into the Wii Remote controller and players can enjoy wireless control/

Hunt it down in April 2010, when Monster Hunter Tri roars into life on Wii across Europe.