Don't open the Doritos

We’re all a little excited about the upcoming release of Monster Hunter 3 Tri, infact some of us are absolutely overflowing with fervour. Now the anticipation has reached melting point with the announcement that the game will be bundled with the Classic Controller Pro when it lands in the States.

American gamers have had to resort to importers to get their mitts on one so far. Thankfully, this is all about to change with the release of a game which, arguably, seems best suited to a traditional controller.

There is no news whether the same bundle will be available to PAL gamers, although with the same package on sale in Japan, it’s more than likely that this will make its way to Europe and Australia too down the line.

Of course, with Nintendo Life being the nerds that we are, we’ve already had our grubby mitts on one of these and lived to tell the tale.

The bundle will run you $59.99. The stand-alone controller will also be available for $19.99, and unbundled SKUs of the game will also be available for the usual $49.99. We still don't know when Monster Hunter 3 is set for a release, but rest assured you'll know when we do.