Things were looking alright for a while, but Nintendo of Europe has gone back to their old tricks once again, as this week offers us no new Virtual Console titles. Not to worry too much though, because at least there's 7 downloads spread across the other two services!

On WiiWare, the biggest release is, no doubt, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All, the second game in everybody's beloved courtroom series. Only people without a DS need to apply - It's a straight port of the DS release without any extras, other than Wii remote controls. Like the first game, we thought it was pretty lazily ported, but if you just don't want to buy a handheld to play it, then you still owe it to yourself to give the series a go on WiiWare instead. At 1000 Wii Points, it's also much cheaper than getting the DS version.

Not announced in advance this week was Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 - Rise of the Pirate God. The final part of Telltale's latest episodic adventure game, it provides a fitting end to the storyline, while continuing with the fun gameplay and humour the previous parts offered. If you bought all four previous chapters, then, obviously, there's no reason to pass this one up. It costs 1000 Wii Points, as usual.

The last WiiWare release this week is also the least interesting of the bunch. Brain Cadets was already released in North America way back in June last year as "Drill Sergeant Mindstrong." Not only did it take incredibly long to bring it over, but Nintendo has also had the courage to actually increase the price because of it - While other regions paid 800 Wii Points for it, we'll have to pay 1000! And considering the game itself isn't exactly hot, it might be best to pass on it.

DSiWare is no slouch this week with its four new releases, although you might find it hard to get excited about some of them. What some might argue is the only interesting release is Flight Control, a port of an incredibly popular iPhone game - You take the role of an air traffic controller, as you direct planes and other aircraft to the correct landing strips at an increasingly busy airport. It all sounds simple, but it gets hectic very fast. It's also surprisingly addicting, before you know it, you've lost one or more hours to the game! It only costs 500 DSi Points, so what are you waiting for? We'll have a review up soon. In the meantime you can check out our exclusive interview with Firemint.

Downtown Texas Hold'em is the umpteenth card game on Nintendo's download services. Like all the others, it's ultimately nothing really special, and only the hardcore poker players need to apply. It would've been nice for it to have DS Download Play or Wi-Fi, but it lacks both - The only way you're playing with others is if everybody else buys it as well. We didn't think too much of it. It costs 500 DSi Points.

Puzzle to Go Wildlife is a collection of jigsaw puzzles, which form images of various animals. Not much to say here - It's got 25 different puzzles, each of which can be played at three different difficulty levels. If you're a jigsaw puzzle addict and would love to have some around for on the go, then this could be a good purchase. Like every single other DSiWare release this week, it costs 500 DSi Points. We'll review it soon.

The final DSiWare release is Flips: Terror in Cubicle Four, a selection of kids' stories from a previous DS retail title released by EA. Again, there's not really much to say about it - It seems like there's some degree of interactivity, such as taking your photo and having it appear in illustrations, but you should probably only consider buying this if you happen to be a parent with a very young child. A review will be available in a few days. You guessed it, it costs 500 DSi Points as well!

That's all this time, will you be getting anything?