Try fitting that in your pocket

Those of you with especially keen memories will recall that we reviewed the RetroDuo console not so long ago. One of the growing number of unlicensed clones hitting the market at the moment, this neat machine is now joined by something a little more portable - namely the Yobo Gameware FC-16 Go.

This is essentially a portable Super Nintendo and comes with the handy ability to hook up to your TV and function almost as if it were a standard SNES machine.

We got our hands on one of these babies thanks to the beautiful people at Stone Age Gamer and put it through its paces. Those of you who were offended by the lurid orange tint that afflicted our DSi XL video will be pleased to know that we've managed to eliminate this issue via some complex technical wizardry (actually we just filmed it during the day instead of at night) but sadly the opening portion of the video does suffer from a little over-exposure. D'oh.