Feel the power of the shockwave in March

We've been keeping a close eye on Ubisoft's upcoming East-meets-West shooter Red Steel 2 - seriously, we have some of the world's best content on it, y'know - which is now due for launch in March of this year. Perhaps taking on board the recent discussion of mature games on Wii, the company has decided to lower its sales estimate from one million to 500,000 units sold.

Speaking on a financial conference call earlier this week, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot had this to say about the game's figures:

On Red Steel we decided, in our expectations, to divide the quantity by two and previously we had around a million.

This seems a shrewd decision on Ubi's part - very few third-party titles make it to one million sales, let alone action games aimed squarely at the core market, so this seems a more realistic appraisal of Red Steel 2's sales potential. Of course, having the MotionPlus attachment bundled with every UK Wii sold since October must surely expand the game's potential audience, though we'll wait and see how it sells when it sees the light of day in March this year.

[source totalvideogames.com]