Convincing though it appears, we must point out that this is not official game art

Capcom fans disappointed at Phoenix Wright's exclusion from upcoming brawler Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars may have reason to get their hopes up again, as Destructoid reports that producer Ryota Niitsuma claimed if Nintendo would allow it then extra characters may be added to the game as downloadable content.

The much-hyped fighter has gamers excited, and the promise of extra content to boost the game's longevity can only be a good thing, especially if it means laying the smack down with gaming's greatest defense attorney.

From the sound of things, if Nintendo give the green light this could well be a possibility, so here's hoping the Big N pull their finger out and give Capcom some freedom to expand the game as they see fit. After all, keeping third-party developers sweet is vital to the Wii's future success – even more so than maintaining a "hardcore" fanbase.

Plus, shouting "Objection!" into Mega Man's face will likely never get old.