After not releasing any Virtual Console games for Christmas and the week after, you'd think Nintendo would've learned their lesson when they finally release one last week. But no, they're back to their old tricks again, as this week offers next to nothing all around.

The Wii only gets a single new downloadable game on WiiWare. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a rather sloppily done port of the first game in everybody's favourite court series - everything has simply been blown up in size to fit on your TV (making it look rather ugly), and the bottom screen has been removed. If you never played the DS game (perhaps due to not owning a DS) then this is a decent way to play the game, but if you do own a DS or you already have the portable release, then stay far, far away from this and stick with the better-looking version. Read our review to see what we think of lazy ports. It costs 1,000 Nintendo Points and is missing the fifth episode that was added for the DS release, which will be released later as DLC.

Sadly, DSiWare suffers much the same fate this week, with two of the three new games being rereleases. Electroplankton Beatnes and Hanenbow are directly taken from the retail Electroplankton release and allow you to create music and sounds in two completely different styles. It's nice to have them available and all, but by the looks of things NoE plans to release these in sets of two, which means we're going to have four more weeks where they'll be taking up part of the DSiWare releases. North America, on the other hand, recently got them in two sets of five. Is this really necessary, Nintendo? You can read our reviews here and here. Both cost 200 Points.

But don't get your hopes up too much for the other DSiWare game this week either. Sudoku Sensei is Hudson's third Sudoku game for DSiWare and features 100 puzzles for which only the true Sudoku experts need to apply. There's not much to say really: it's just like the previous two games, just harder. You can read our thoughts here.

If you've already played Phoenix Wright and Electroplankton in their original forms, then this week essentially only gives you one new title. Have fun with it!