Last month, eyebrows were raised and speculation began when EA Sports Community Manager Alain Quinto tweeted last month that the company had plans to announce a new game in January. Seems fairly pointless to announce a new Madden or FIFA in January, so it had to be something good.

A quick check of the calendar shows that it is now January, and it looks like the mystery game is indeed a good 'un.

According to sources that have confirmed to ESPN, that game is NBA Jam. And it's Wii-exclusive.

Series creator Mark Turmell is said to have been hired by EA to work on sports games and will also consult on the upcoming Jam. If there's any good in this world, EA should bring back the original announcer.

The Midway-published 1993 arcade original was known for it's crazy, over-the-top take on the game and was a great breeding ground for friendly smack-talk. Hopefully EA can capture that same magic this time around.

Until this is officially announced by EA, take this with a grain of salt. While we're on the subject, we certainly wouldn't say no to a Virtual Console release or two, EA and/or Midway!