Not likely coming to an Australian home near you

A few of our Australian readers have noticed a lack of updates in regards to the Australian Club Nintendo reward scheme, despite the new offers that the European and North American loyalists are now getting.

In response we did our usual probing, firing some questions at the nice people from Nintendo Australia. The news isn't all that fantastic though.

For starters, Club Nintendo isn't officially run by Nintendo of Australia, so it's not up to them when they get new rewards: big decisions like that are apparently handled overseas, though they were vague on those specifics. To follow it up, they revealed to us that since it's not up to them, they apparently don't get told when new rewards will be coming in the future either, meaning they're left just as in the dark about the situation as the rest of us are.

Sad news indeed - Nintendo really need to let Australia stand on its own two feet, or they'll find themselves losing support fast.