Star Buy?

Nintendo Life readers may remember the Game and Watch Collection which made the rounds on the Japanese Club Nintendo and then the newly opened American Club last year. Well, now at long last it's available to European Club Nintendo members!

Game and Watch Collection was reviewed by Nintendo Life a while back and we didn't think it was too bad. There are only three games on the collection but all three (Oil Panic, Donkey Kong, Green House) are currently not part of the DSiWare Game and Watch releases. Therefore, seeing as it's only available through the Stars Catalogue, this is likely to become a collectible over time, though 5000 Stars may be a bit much to ask...

The other big new addition is the Animal Crossing CD, which includes the results of the K.K. song vote from the summer. With a total of 39 tracks, 24 of which were voted for by European citizens, this is another collector's item well worth consideration. It's currently up for 3000 Stars.

Interested? Head on over to the Stars Catalogue to grab some of these goodies before they all run out!