Gives us an excuse to use this, anyway.

With all the secrecy surrounding the new Zelda title - for which we still don't have so much as a title or even anything other than a single piece of artwork - it wouldn't be a surprise to see it feature a minigame requiring you to get blood out of a stone.

Eiji Aonuma continues to talk in tongues about his upcoming project, with an interview with IGN producing a few interesting quotes:

With Twilight Princess, we challenged ourself to create the most vast and realistic world the series had ever seen, but we don't feel that we were able to fully complete this objective. With that as a starting point for our improvements to the series in the future, we are of course working on a new game for Wii.

For any game to be remembered for a long time, just like Ocarina of Time was, the game must give the strong impression that it has set a new starting point for future sequels to build upon. We are working to further improve upon the experiences found in Twilight Princess so that our future games can realize these innovations.

Whilst there's precious little new information in here, it does seem that Aonuma and his team are keen to improve on some of Twilight Princess's shortcomings, something we're more than happy to hear. Hopefully we'll see some solid news come from Nintendo soon - our hands are getting mighty sore trying to squeeze these stones Nintendo keep giving us.