Not long to wait now!

Here at Nintendo Life we’re very excited about the imminent release of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and it seems Ubisoft have been reading our Christmas wish lists as they have now launched a dedicated web site (not to be visited by those who are easily offended!)

The site is really rather good if a little low on content just yet though there seems to be some empty space on the characters screen in particular which may suggest further updates as the game nears release.

There are also a number of new screenshots, gameplay videos, a community area and an about section which promises the game will include “Giant robots! Coconuts! Chicks with short skirts and bad attitudes!”

So don’t spend all your Christmas money too soon as No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is due for release in the US in January followed by the European release in February/March.

Be sure to keep checking back for more details as we get them.