Naughty rabbid.

We've just received some early reports that Ubisoft is recalling Rabbids Go Home from UK stores due to it containing "language that some users may find offensive".

Actual details are hard to come by, but we'd hazard a guess that the line in question is "No penetration allowed in this zone". We could be wrong, of course.

We'll keep you updated on the situation and will try to get Ubisoft's side of the story, but those of you that already own the game could be sitting on a potential goldmine in the near future - recalled games almost always rise in value.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has gotten back to us to state that the title is NOT being recalled, although they company is preparing an official statement relating to the content in question, which suggests that something may well be amiss.

As soon as we have the statement from Ubisoft, we'll post it up here.